Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Online shopping

Just placed an order on! ^^ Can't wait!!
Those are for me :D

And those are some (really) late Xmas presents for my brother and my boyfriend! I hope they are gonna like them! ^^

Monday, December 20, 2010



Chi è questo ragazzo? Black bloc o agente?
Scontri di Roma: «Sono io ad aver colpito con il casco il 15enne»

Invece di provare a comprendere il motivo di tale ribellione, i politici vanno avanti per la propria strada non curanti della volontà del così detto "popolo sovrano".

Invece di chiederci PERCHÉ la gente sia ormai talmente esasperata da mettere a fuoco e ferro tutto ciò che incontra stiamo qui a discutere se i poliziotti hanno incitato la folla alla ribellione o meno mettendo a tacere la disperazione di chi guarda al proprio futuro con terrore.
Ed è proprio così che facciamo esattamente ciò che i politici vogliono.
Questo è esattamente ciò che desiderano. 
Questo è il loro modo di mettere a tacere un'intera popolazione per poter continuare a farsi i fatti propri.
Questo è il loro modo per nascondere i problemi più gravi di un intero paese che è ormai alla deriva.
Lo sguardo della mia amica quando le è stato detto che dal prossimo hanno non ci saranno più borse di studio è rimasto per pochi secondi incredulo e smarrito. Lei che da tre anni pensava di riuscire a costruirsi un futuro migliore studiando e dando il meglio di se, ha visto il suo futuro sparire improvvisamente ed inaspettatamente con un piccolo PUFF.

Instead of trying to understand the reasons of this rebellion, politicians keep going on their way careless of the "vox populi".
Instead of asking why people are so desperate to destroy everything on their way we discuss whether cops pushed people to rebel or not hushing up the who is scared of his future.
And that's exactly how we do what politicians want.
That's what they want.
That's their way to hush up an entire generation and keep doing their own business. 
That's their way to hide the biggest problem of an adrift country.
My friend's look when was told her that from next year there will no longer be scholarships was unbelieving and disoriented. She spent the last 3 years thinking of a better future built on her hard work and suddenly she just saw her future disappearing abruptly with a small puff.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I was in Rome from the 8th and the 11th (sorry for the late post :P) and I gotta say that spending some time away from Milan and the University with the girls was awesome and incredibly funny, but since "a picture is worth a thousand words" here some of the best and funniest pics from the trip :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


That's my family and they are all smiling. I wish I could see them always like that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

From thursday to sunday

So, an other small recap!
Last Thursday we finally runs the Performance Measurement presentation! I think it was quite good even if we had some "technical issues". :D

From left to right it's Marina, me, Giacomo,
Riccardo and Zhen.
After the lecture we went for a cheap (10€) but pretty good sushi place to celebrate the end of one of the 4 group works and say "bye" to Marina :)
That's one of the pics taken with Giacomo's fancy cell-phone :D
Going to a places run from Chinese people with Zhen -basically every sushi restaurant in Milan- it's really good because we always get free stuff making cheap restaurants even cheaper!! :D
Thanks man!

After that, we went to the Organization lecture...words are not needed here.
Then, in the evening I went with Nicola and some of his friends to an aperitivo near Centrale -no idea where this place actually was 'cause we got there with a car that I was not driving- to assist to an improvisation show which was really really bad in my opinion, but the chat with the friends was quite enjoyable even if I'm a lot younger than most of them and this make me afraid of saying silly -student- things every time. :)
That's us playing the "guess who you are" game
 (no idea which is the real name for this game :D)

and I got Ligabue and Batman
Friday was quite good! Great weather -cold but sunny-, "fast" group meeting, cast for University musical with Si and Sara late birthday party!
It was not a crazy party where everybody gets drunk but I do enjoyed it!
That's me with Sara!
Saturday was basically a pijama day :D
Sunday I woke up pretty late for no reason at all. I guess I was more tired than I thought. :) 
Thus, I wont be able to reach my friends at the sushi lunch for Andre's birthday, but after a quick visit to Sara I reached them and we went to play bowling all together, dance dance revolution (I loved it even if the normal level is already too hard for me XD) with Si and Diana & ping pong against Zhen who obviously none managed to beat. :D 
As you can see from the pic I went really close to be second at bowling -I just needed to hit 6 pins- but then I hit only one pin. T_T That's so typical of me. 
Anyway, I had lots of fun!! But the best thing of all this is that Nicola reached us at the bowling straight after he came back to Milan! ^^ I came back home around 19 with Nicola and we basically just enjoyed having dinner -since I did only breakfast and I was starving- & staying together. ^^

p.s. Tonight around 4am my cell-phone felt down from my bed that is not a regular bed.. it's distant about 1.70m from the floor.. but the phone is fine O_O" Don't get me wrong, I'm happy about it but really surprised since the last phone I had went broken after it felt from my hands -that is probably less than 50cm.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 Group works in one semester

Is it even legal to give to student 4 group works out of 5 courses?
Is it even legal to make students spend 12 hours a day at the University and having meeting every day?
Well, it shouldn't.
But thank God I have some great group mates available almost 24/7. :P
I'm gonna miss them badly in the second semester but I can't wait for all of this to be over. ^^

Dite che è legale assegnare agli studenti 4 lavori di gruppo su 5 corsi?
Pensiate sia legale fare in modo che gli studenti debbano passare 12 ore al giorno in università e riunirsi ogni giorno?
Bhè, non dovrebbe esserlo.
Ma grazie a Dio ho dei compagni degni di nota disponibili quasi 24 ore su 24.
Mi mancheranno moltissimo nel secondo semestre ma non vedo l'ora che tutto questo sia finito. ^^

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'll just admit it:
this month I went bankrupt.. damn shopping (and damn ATM fine)!!
This is where part of my money ended up:

Lo ammetto:
Questo mese sono andata in bancarotta..maledetto shopping (e maledetta multa dell'ATM)!!
Questo è dove parte dei miei soldi è finita:

Eva Pop                                          H&M                                        Vintage shop

And I have to add to the list a pair of electric blue flats from Bershka..
E devo aggiungere alla lista un paio di ballerine blue elettriche di Bershka..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Report from B&J

I have to say it: B&J today was a bit of a delusion. I was ready to do a real interview for a part-time stage but basically all the companies where looking for people near to finish their specialization program. Indeed, all companies were offering six months full-time stages that are highly incompatible with me being at my first year of the specialization. But on the other hand, this means that the next year I'll have lots of opportunities to get a job from the companies that I like: P&G (that gives me a full bottle of Pantene shampoo and one of conditioning along with a small pack of Pringles), Henkel, Johonson, Kellogs (that feeds me for lunch today), etc.
After that there was the marketing class. I'm so happy we weren't chose for presenting 'cause I really don't think we were ready for that. But seeing presenting even just one good group out of four scared a lot my group mates.
Then I went to attend to a small P&G event. They explain us about this fancy recruiting system they have and that they are not looking for only for near to graduation students. I find it really interesting but still a question arise: how can a full time job in Rome be compatible with my studies?

BTW, I came back home and in one of my crazy moments that's what I've produced :D
I don't know but I kind of like it and it's not at all edited (by now).
If there's anybody reading this, feel free to express and share your feelings :D

Monday, November 8, 2010


So my CVs are ready, I just need to print them out and prepare a cover letter :P
These are going to be reeeeally busy weeks and I'm ready for that!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shopping regret

Regret. Not buying these amazing wedges from Primark for 20£ when I was in London is the biggest "shopping regret" I have ever had. Luckily a friend is in London right now and I really hope she can manage to buy them for me. *_* When I saw them for the first time I thought they where kind of extreme but know I just think they are awesome! :) Additionally, Agnese offered to buy them for me and give them to me when she will be back for Christmas, but hopefully I'll have them on my feet next week!! Finger crossed for that! Now I have to go, have lunch and meet my group mate at the University. I can't still believe that 4 out of 5 of our courses require at least one group work.

Rimpianto. Non comprare queste stupende zeppe da Primark per 20£ quando ero a Londra è il mio più grande rimpianto legato allo shopping che abbia mai avuto. Fortunatamente una mia amica è a Londra ora e spero proprio che riesca a comprarle per me. *_* 
Quando le ho viste per la prima volta mi erano sembrate un po' eccessive ma ora penso solo che siano fantastiche! :) Inoltre, anche Agnese si era offerta di comprarle per me e portarmele quando tornerà per le vacanze di Natale, ma se tutto va bene le avrò ai miei piedi la prossima settimana!!! Ho le dita incrociate!
Ora devo pranzare per poi andare in università. Non posso ancora credere che 4 dei nostri 5 corsi richiedano almeno un lavoro di gruppo. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I gotta fix this blog

I've just decided I'm gonna do an ass kick header. Or at list I hope so. :D
Then I'm gonna put here my 2010/2011 list of thing to do so that if a some point someone is gonna show up around here I'm gonna be more committed to my goals.
Btw, crazy news: I get through the first selection in a competitive entrance examination for which I had not even studied. O_o"  So I'm gonna come back to Rome in December but the thing is: start working would be great but I cannot drop my 2 years master. 
What am I gonna do? I have no clue at all.

Ho appena deciso che farò un header stupendo. O almeno spero. :D
Poi pubblicherò qui la mia lista di cose da fare del 2010/2011 così che, se ad un certo punto qualcuno comincerà a seguirmi, mi sentirò più motivata a perseguire i miei obiettivi.
Ad ogni modo, sentite questa: ho passato il test scritto per un concorso pubblico per il quale nemmeno avevo studiato. O_o" Quindi a dicembre tornerò a Roma ma c'è un problema: cominciare a lavorare sarebbe bello ma non posso mollare la specialistica.
Cosa farò? Non ne ho idea.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turin Oct 13th

Giovanni got graduated! And I was the official photographer for the whole day! 
I loved spending a day with my friends in Turin and taking tons of pictures of them and Giovanni's family.
Here just a few:
Yeah!! For once I have a great photo!!! Thanks to Valentino

Friday, October 15, 2010

London - part 2

Oct 11: Tourist in London

We decided to use this day to actually visit London. So after having breakfast and a small stop to the local Primark, where we bought some 80's sunglasses, a "back to the future" t-shirt for my brother and a "packman" t-shirt for my boyfriend, and to an "all 1£" store where I bought a useful vacuum bag, we got to Circus station.

We walked around LondonCovent Garden, (we went really close to buy a ticket for a musical) Piccadilly Circus, Saint James park, Buckingham Palace, the London eye & the Big Bang, then we got on the subway at Westminster station to go to see in person the Tower Bridge. After all that a stop at the nearer Starbucks for a cappuccino was needed! 
Great day! We arrived at home at about 8pm really really tired. I went to Tesco to buy something for dinner, I close my baggage and I decided to go to sleep dressed cause the day after I had to leave home at 5 am. Since my flight for coming back home was at   7:10 in the morning.

So, now there's the worst part of my London experience.
Oct 12: leaving for Milan
The alarm clock (from my cell-phone)rang at 4:45am (since the first tube run at 5:00 ad Agnese lives 8 minutes walking from the station). Or at least that's what i thought. When I get to the tube I find out it was already 5:20 am.. I find out my cell-phone clock was about 15 minutes later than the real time. So I get to Victoria Station at 6:00 am just to see the train leaving in front of me. My flight was scheduled by 7:10 am and it takes to the train 30 minutes to get to the airport and the next available train was at 6:30 am. That's exactly when I realized I was screwed.
I waited for the next train, I run as fast as I can in the airport but obviously I needed to get to the further gate in the whole airport. When I got there the door was closed and the airplane was in front of me ready to leave. Worst sensation ever. That was the first time in my life I missed a flight
Thus, after waiting for more than half an hour, two women arrived to take me at the easyjet desk to pay a 43£ fee to book a seat on the next available flight to Milano Malpensa at 13.
And guess what? Since while I was running trying to catch the flight I lost all my coins, I didn't have any pounds to buy something to eat.
So, I spent the whole morning at the airport waiting for my flight. In the meanwhile I noticed a sign saying that the gate earlier I reached in 7 minutes (running) requires a 20 minutes walk from the security checks.
Then, my (new) flight was more than 30 minutes late. The first thing that I thought when I saw it on the TV screen was:"You gotta be kidding me!" -_-'
Finally, I got to Milan around 4pm. While I was on the bus I called Valentino and Salvatore to fix the details for the day after.

Apart from that, London was awesome and I can't wait to find a way to go there again. :) I just need to remind my self not to book a flight at 7:10 in the morning even if it's really really cheap. :D
And here some other pics from London:
Me & Agnese at Covent Garden
Saint James Park & the London Eye on the background
One of the friendly squirrels of S. James park
London Eye on Agnese's sunglasses
Agnese's new look :D
At Buckingham Palace 
Unhappy face on the tower bridge!! :D