Friday, January 28, 2011

L'histoire de Federica au Scala

Going to La Scala was outstanding. I didn't bring my camera with me (which I regreet since none was there to control) 'cause there's a rule against it.  Also, I figured out only in the end that it was the 'prima' of "L'histoire de Manon". :D

I went out of my house with a comfortable pair of ballerinas on my feet which I changed with a wonderful pair of 12cm heels on the tram :D. Then I met Nicola at Piazza Duomo and we went to la Scala together. As soon as we get in the atmosphere get magical and when we reached our seats (which were the best ever and with a small private room for our coats) it felt even better. While waiting for the show to start we had time to notice how wonderful (even though not particularly big) the theater was.When the light went off and the overture started it reminded me of all the ballet dvd I saw and I felt as I was in one of them.

I particularly loved the choreography (especially in the first act, while the last one was kind of boring). As Sylvie Guillem made her entrance a huge applause started. There are no word to describe her.. everything she did was just perfect. She is the personification of dance. The male dancers, instead, were way below her technique. Massimo Murru was not as good as I thought. I saw both him and Thiago Soares jumping while performing their piruettes (which were about a thousand :D). Additionally, during a dangerous lift, Sylvie almost fell on her face. On the other hand, there was a dancer (Maurizio Licitra) with a minor role that was unexpectedly good!

Anyway, the whole experience was just wonderful and also funny since during the pauses between the acts we saw some kind of weird things such as an old woman spying the audience with her opera glasses and people talking to each other through the balconies as neighbours would do from their windows. Obviously, being there with Nicola made the whole night much better. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ready for tomorrow

A quick post to show you why I was so excited about the new lens :D
Un breve post per mostrarvi come mai fossi così felice per il mio nuovo obiettivo :D

Lens Canon EF-S 18-55mm
Without and with zoom

Lens Tamron SP 70-300mm without and with zoom

And that's the view from our seats. ;)
E questa è la visuale dai nostri posti. ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Two of the most waited presents for my graduation are on their way to my hands!! \(^o^)/
Both literally and figurative. Indeed, the two presents are a ticket for "L'histoire de Manon" (more info hereand a teleobjective!!!
Due dei regali più attesi per la mia laurea sono sulla loro strada verso le mie mani!! \(^o^)/ Sia leteralmente che in senso figurato. Infatti, i due ragali sono un biglietto per "L'historie de Manon" (più informazioni qui) ed un teleobiettivo!!!


Can you see how this two presents are the best match ever?! :D Can't wait for the 27th!!!!!
And, who knows, if I'll find a way to have the signatures of Massimo Murru and Sylvie Guillem  to keep Roberto Bolle's signature company.
PS: thanks a lot to my boyfriend and my uncles! ;* And to my cousin for Bolle's signature. :) 

Riuscite a vedere come questi due ragali sia la miglior combinazione di sempre?! :D Non vedo l'ora che sia il 27!!!!!
E chi lo sa, magari troverò un modo per avere gli autografi di Massimo Murru e Sylvie Guillem per tener compagnia a quella di Roberto Bolle.
PS: grazie al mio ragazzo ed ai miei zii! ;* E a mia cugina per l'autografo di Bolle. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Torre Lupo

Yesterday afternoon I went with my mum and brother on the top of Torre Lupo to shoot some wonderful pics of the landscape. The view was amazing and the air was so clean that right after the sunset while coming back home we clearly saw the Etna. Here some of the best pics we shoot.

ps: there were more than 20° before the sunset. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sick of being sick

I got the flu. It's being ages since the last time I got it and it's worst than I remember. And I'm right in the middle of my studying period for 5 exams.. yesterday night I had 38.5 degrees. Luckily I'm still home and my mum is taking care of me! ^^

So, now I'm home, trying to study fighting with the headache. There's no way I gonna finish to read the remaining marketing articles by today.  
Hopefully this is gonna end before I come back to Milan. 

Finger crossed for me (and Agnese that is on her way back to London).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year's eve :)

New year's eve was great: lot of food from 9pm to 1am and big party after!! ^^ Almost all my friends were there and nevertheless of some technical issues the music was pretty good!
Me stuffing the Pandoro
Here a pic of me helping preparing dinner and I'll post the pics from the party as soon as Bosca will give them to me! Let's hope this time is gonna take less than 2 months as last year..   -_-"