Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Studying International Comparative Business Law

Keep studying knowing that I will never be able to pass the exam is the worst thing ever.. It feels pointless but at the same time I'm still hoping to be lucky enough to read the questions to which I know the answers on the tomorrow exam of law..

I have no chance to pass it.

This old pic shot in Dublin well describe how I feel inside right now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Huge lack of post

Yep, as usual I'm not able to keep a blog updated.. daily bloggin is not for me :(

Anyway in the last few months a lot of things happened:
- April and May where extremely hot (30°) while June (thank God) is absurdly not hot (20°-25°)
- My friends come to visit me at home during Easter holidays;
- I got a full-time internship at Vodafone (which means I'm not going to have 2 months of summer holidays this year);
- We did two shows for the musical and it went kinda good ^^  ;
- Also i took some pretty good photos during the long hours of rehearsals;
- My brother and my mum came to visit me to see the show (and the day before mum left I took her to a great Japanese restaurant in Via Tabacchi, 40);
- Yesterday I turned into a "printers technician" but I can't try the printer because, doing the cleaning procedure, I finished the blue cartridge and my "beloved" Epson printer does not allow me to print (nor even in black and white..) but 
- I had a good idea for a pic;
- I also had a good idea for a photography blog in those days :D
- Tonight there's my boyfriend improvisation performance;
- I'm not ready for wearing a bikini.. but this is not an issue since I'm not going to wear it a lot :D
.. and last but not least
- I'm in the exam period. Three out of four are already gone in just one week :P

Well, is not that i didn't have things to write on it's just that I'm way to lazy for doing it sometimes :D Sorry about that! I promise I'll try to write about my work/internship experience and to have a more summery header as soon as I manage to take a decent and easily editable picture of me with summer cloths on. ;)