Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turin Oct 13th

Giovanni got graduated! And I was the official photographer for the whole day! 
I loved spending a day with my friends in Turin and taking tons of pictures of them and Giovanni's family.
Here just a few:
Yeah!! For once I have a great photo!!! Thanks to Valentino

Friday, October 15, 2010

London - part 2

Oct 11: Tourist in London

We decided to use this day to actually visit London. So after having breakfast and a small stop to the local Primark, where we bought some 80's sunglasses, a "back to the future" t-shirt for my brother and a "packman" t-shirt for my boyfriend, and to an "all 1£" store where I bought a useful vacuum bag, we got to Circus station.

We walked around LondonCovent Garden, (we went really close to buy a ticket for a musical) Piccadilly Circus, Saint James park, Buckingham Palace, the London eye & the Big Bang, then we got on the subway at Westminster station to go to see in person the Tower Bridge. After all that a stop at the nearer Starbucks for a cappuccino was needed! 
Great day! We arrived at home at about 8pm really really tired. I went to Tesco to buy something for dinner, I close my baggage and I decided to go to sleep dressed cause the day after I had to leave home at 5 am. Since my flight for coming back home was at   7:10 in the morning.

So, now there's the worst part of my London experience.
Oct 12: leaving for Milan
The alarm clock (from my cell-phone)rang at 4:45am (since the first tube run at 5:00 ad Agnese lives 8 minutes walking from the station). Or at least that's what i thought. When I get to the tube I find out it was already 5:20 am.. I find out my cell-phone clock was about 15 minutes later than the real time. So I get to Victoria Station at 6:00 am just to see the train leaving in front of me. My flight was scheduled by 7:10 am and it takes to the train 30 minutes to get to the airport and the next available train was at 6:30 am. That's exactly when I realized I was screwed.
I waited for the next train, I run as fast as I can in the airport but obviously I needed to get to the further gate in the whole airport. When I got there the door was closed and the airplane was in front of me ready to leave. Worst sensation ever. That was the first time in my life I missed a flight
Thus, after waiting for more than half an hour, two women arrived to take me at the easyjet desk to pay a 43£ fee to book a seat on the next available flight to Milano Malpensa at 13.
And guess what? Since while I was running trying to catch the flight I lost all my coins, I didn't have any pounds to buy something to eat.
So, I spent the whole morning at the airport waiting for my flight. In the meanwhile I noticed a sign saying that the gate earlier I reached in 7 minutes (running) requires a 20 minutes walk from the security checks.
Then, my (new) flight was more than 30 minutes late. The first thing that I thought when I saw it on the TV screen was:"You gotta be kidding me!" -_-'
Finally, I got to Milan around 4pm. While I was on the bus I called Valentino and Salvatore to fix the details for the day after.

Apart from that, London was awesome and I can't wait to find a way to go there again. :) I just need to remind my self not to book a flight at 7:10 in the morning even if it's really really cheap. :D
And here some other pics from London:
Me & Agnese at Covent Garden
Saint James Park & the London Eye on the background
One of the friendly squirrels of S. James park
London Eye on Agnese's sunglasses
Agnese's new look :D
At Buckingham Palace 
Unhappy face on the tower bridge!! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

London - part 1

So, let's make a small recap of what happens in the last days in London :)

Oct 9: leaving for London
Departure Time 22:30 (Rome time)  :)
Prepared to get to London really late at night, after 2 boring hours of flight, and to spend good money on a cab to get to Agnese's house, on the airplane I met this amazing girl with an incredible life history that gives me some awesome tips on how to go around London spending less money. As she suggested me, when I got to Victoria Station I looked for a cab office and I manage to negotiate a cab for 25£. At about 2:30 (Greenwich time) I finally get to Agnese's house. Then we spent an hour talking and after that we went to sleep!

Oct 10: Shopping!!
Obviously, two days before leaving for London I caught a cold and it just got worst after the long and stressful travel! But I decided that this wouldn't effect my travel to these great city. Indeed he waked me up preatty early that day and we managed to get to Oxford street around 10:30.
Thus, as we got there we found out that on Sunday shops open after 11 or 12 even in the most famous shopping streets of London (Regent and Oxford). BTW, as you can see from the photo of the most famous Piccadilly Square spot the weather was wonderful that day so we really enjoyed walking up and down the shopping streets. So, the first day in the city was fully dedicated to shopping and I bought: an electric blue sweeter, a fancy "patterned" t-shirt, a waaaarm jumper, grey tights & over-knee socks, a pair of blue shorts, a pair of light pink heels, a small light pink bag, a big brown bag, and an HEART SHAPED BAG!! The downside of all that is I didn't shoot many pics because my hands were already busy with shopping bags... but this one was hilarious :D
We found this guy fully dressed up to advertise some cartoons (Ben 10) toys and we couldn't resist to take a photo while fighting against him :D After spending the whole day walking we came back home exhausted, had dinner with Tesco stuff (I miss Tesco and its being open late at night), talked and I felt asleep while Agnese was still chatting on fb. :P
Negative notes: I lost in Primark my brown cardigan :(

Stay tuned for the rest of the story :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Just bought tickets for London!!! Can't wait for it!! A "DONE!" on my list!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my blog

In the last 3 years I've been travelling (I hope I'm gonna keep doing that) and I changed 3 houses. 
Thus, I need a place that makes me fell home everywhere I am.
I know a blog is a virtual place, but I can acces to it from almost everywhere I'll be (with grateful thanks to technology for that ;P ).  So I want to make this blog full of memories, both good and bad, like a real home. :)
I want to keep track of what I am now and how I'm going to change with time, 'cause changing is inevitable.
I don't know why but I feel kind of sad right know, but I want to remember this too.
Welcome to my blog, welcome to my life.

Traduzione :D
Negli ultimi 3 anni ho viaggiato (e spero di continuare a farlo) ed ho cambiato 3 case.
Così ho sentito il bisogno di un posto che mi faccia sentire a casa dovunque io sia.
So che un blog è un qualcosa di virtuale ma posso accedervi più o meno da dovunque io sarò ( sentiti ringraziamenti alla tecnologia che lo rende possibile :P ). Perciò voglio riempire questo blog di ricordi, sia belli che brutti, come una vera casa. :)
Voglio tener traccia di ciò che sono ora e di come cambierò nel tempo, visto che cambiare è inevitabile.
Non so perché ma in questo momento mi sento un po' triste, ma voglio ricordare anche questo.
Benvenuti nel blog, benvenuti nella mia vita.