Monday, April 11, 2011

The importance of colors

A small collection of pictures on which I've been working on or I shoot lately.

PS: only the last 2 photos have been edited.

Monday, April 4, 2011

History of Nintendo - How reliable is Wikipedia?

So I'm working on the first part of the Nintendo group work: Company History.

During my research I found out some really interesting facts.
For example: the birth of Nintendo Co., Ltd. date back to 1889 when Fusajiro Yamauchi started manufacturing “Hanafuda” Japanese playing cards.
1953 Nintendo became the first company to succeed in manufacturing mass-produced plastic playing cards in Japan. Additionally, in 1959 the company revolutionized the card market creating a new product with Disney characters dedicated to child.
In the following year Nintendo started an expansion in different business such as the creation of a taxi company, a "love hotel" chain, a food company and a vacuum cleaner called Chiritory. All these ventures eventually failed, except toy-making, where they had some earlier experience from selling playing cards. In 1970, Nintendo was the first company introducing electronic technology into the toy industry in Japan. Only in 1975 Nintendo started to get involved in the video games industry and in 1983 the company launched its first 'console' (I don't know if this name is appropriate for the Famicon).
Also interesting is the fact that apparently Nintendo strategy has always been the same: high expenditure in marketing to advertise consoles as amusement devices for the whole family (not just kids) and inventory shortage to keep both price and demand high.

But apparently Nintendo is not really proud of its heritage in the playing card and toys since there is a more accurate history of the company on Wikipedia than on their corporate websites.
Do the comparison on your own:
Nintendo Eu:

Now the question is: can I use Wikipedia as a reliable source?
I know that usually wrong info stay on Wikipedia for no more than 2 hours but would it be a good reference to put on our work?
Additionally, do you think that Nintendo does not care of what there's written about it on Wikipedia and they do not control the correctiveness of the info posted by Wikipedia users?

Well, I've decided that I'll try to do my best without the help of the awesome collection of human knowledge called Wikipedia.